Friday, October 29, 2010

Dinner with Friends

The past couple of days have been a lot of fun; we spent Thursday in Nakano, where there's a big pedestrian mall-thing called Sun Plaza. We've been there before, and will likely go there again, because there are several stores full of manga, figures, and even anime cels! It rained for most of the day, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

We ran around Akihabara in the evening, which accomplished nothing, though I did get to visit my favorite store, Super Potato. The rain was making us miserable at that point, so we didn't bother buying anything.

Friday was spent hanging out with Kari's caricature artist friends, all of whom were awesome. We had lunch with Kage Nakanishi, who runs Caricature Japan, and then walked around the shrines and temples of Asakusa.

In the evening, we met up with Tomo Tabata and some other friends at Tokyo Tower, and then headed over to an izakaya for dinner. Everyone was great, and we had a fantastic time. I kind of felt like crap when we got back to the hotel, but it eventually passed.

We've got plenty of pictures to share, but no way of doing so. I was hoping to find an SD card adapter for the iPad somewhere, but haven't had any luck yet. We'll keep looking, though.

Once again, there's nothing good on TV.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Arrival and What-not

So here we are, safe and sound in Tokyo. The hotel is very nice, though not in the most beautiful area of Ueno. Our first night (we got in around 8pm) was spent procuring food and searching for a new GPS receiver for my PSP, which we've yet to find at a decent price.

We spent the day today at Tokyo Disneyland, which is pretty much what you'd expect: rides, characters, and lots of people who don't watch where they're walking. Still, we had a great time, and got some really nice footage of the Halloween parade.

Our posting ability is somewhat limited, since all we brought are our phones and an iPad. Blogger's editor uses an editable IFrame, which doesn't work on the iPad. So I'm typing this on my phone, which isn't super fun.

The TV gets about 10 channels, and the only thing good on right now is the hotel menu's music. Time for bed, I think.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We fail at blog.

Sorry we're not updating the blog, but we're not used to all the walking around, standing on trains and generally not being lazy. So by the time we get back to the hotel each day, we're exhausted and want nothing but to lie down and fall asleep. It's not that we've got nothing to post about, believe me. I just checked and it looks like we've got almost 900 pictures from all over Tokyo (and a handful from Chiba and Saitama), and we've also got some nice video we'd like to put up on YouTube if our connection would hold up. But for now, here's a quick photo of three GeGeGe no Kitaro cels we picked up today at Mandarake in Nakano. They were super cheap, at less than $15 for the three of them (1,260 yen), so we're happy.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The American stomach in Japan

Yakitori is a very common food here. It's grilled chicken on a stick, but they serve many, many parts of the chicken (heart, liver, skin, cheeks).

They say the chicken is much fresher here than in America, so you can eat the chicken half-cooked (like you might order a steak medium-rare). So, we gave it a try.

BUT... Ryan and I have pathetic American stomachs that can't take half-raw chicken, so we both spent the entire night taking turns on the toilet. :p

I want to go find some crackers this morning to eat.

There is some sushi even we don't like

Originally uploaded by keefry

Masako had us try a new kind of sushi... This is crab guts sushi. She said it was an aquired taste.

I think Ryan was really scared by it. :p

Our day with Masako

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Masako showed us around Tokyo on our first day... It was a wonderful time. She took us to a small town that was very off the beaten path, and we explored a few of the more popular sites as well.

This picture is in Ginza, outside of the Sony Showroom.


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